Learn All You Can!

Always Stay a Student!

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I strive to learn constantly. I encourage you to do the same, then teach what you learn.

In today’s fast-pace, high-volume world… if you want to be successful in anything you do, I strongly suggest you embrace this:

⇒ Learn all you can!  

⇒ Always stay a student!

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Checklists & Tipsheets

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Daily Method of Operation “DMO” -Personal *Daily

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 Morning Routine for Self-Care and Motivation!

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Business Tools

Running a business from home can be lucrative when you know how to add additional income sources that do not pull you away from your income producing tasks. Tools are necessary to succeed. Be sure you are taking advantage of the option of getting paid by the maker of the tools you use. Otherwise you may be leaving money on the table! Here are 3 types of tools you likely use and may be able to earn from:

  • where you bought your domain name(s) from a company
  • company you are hosting your site with
  • who you use an auto-responder with

There are likely other tools you’re using and the costs can add up! All that you use to run your business could be another income stream for you. Each of the resources that I have listed on this page is a service and/or a tool that I have used or still use, has an option to be a part of their affiliate program… and be assured that if I recommend it, I use it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t share it with you. I stand behind what I recommend. Here are My Top Resource Tools:

  • GoDaddy – where I purchased my domain name and where I host my email
  • Aweber – what I use for my email lists, which integrates nicely with other tools
  • Mindset – who I follow for ongoing Personal Development
  • Amazon – where I fill my Office Organizing Needs and order Books

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