Top Rated Sunscreen for Kids!

Here are the top 23 rated with the best score:

  1. Adorable Baby SPF 30+
  2. All Good Kid’s SPF 30
  3. Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection Sensitive Skin SPF 50
  4. Badger Kids Cream, Tangerine & Vanilla, SPF 30
  5. Bare Republic Mineral Lotion, Baby, SPF 50
  6. Blue Lizard Australian Baby, SPF 30+
  7. BurnOut Kids SPF 35
  8. California Baby Calendula SPF 30+
  9. COOLA Suncare Baby Mineral Stick, SPF 50
  10. Equate Baby Zinc Mineral Lotion, SPF 50
  11. Goddess Garden Organics Kids Sport Natural SPF 30
  12. Hawaiian Sol Sol Kid Kare SPF 50
  13. Kiss My Face Organics Kids Mineral SPF 30
  14. MDSolar Sciences KidCreme Mineral SPF 40
  15. Neutrogena Pure & Free Baby SPF 50
  16. Nurture My Body Baby Organic SPF 32
  17. Sunology Mineral Kids, SPF 50
  18. thinkbaby SPF 50+
  19. thinksport Kids SPF 50+
  20. Tom’s of Maine Baby Lotion, SPF 30
  21. TruBaby Water & Play SPF 30+
  22. TruKid Sunny Days Sport SPF 30
  23. Waxhead Sun Defense Baby Zinc Oxide SPF 35

216 Beach and Sport Sunscreens have a Green Rating in Environmental Working Group’s 2018 Sunscreen Guide.

Parents should know that the FDA does not set any criteria or additional requirements for sunscreen and body care products marketed to children. EWG has not identified any systematic differences between the types of products marketed to children and the general population.

Disclaimer: Sunscreen manufacturers frequently reformulate their ingredients and packaging. EWG’s 2018 sunscreen database gathers information from sunscreen companies directly and reviews products sold by major retailers. When purchasing sunscreen, you should check ingredients yourself to make sure they match those for product listed in database. You may further research this data HERE.

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