Steps To Help You Take A Leap Of Faith

Do you have plans, or even just a list of things, that you want to do and just haven’t?

To take a leap of faith: A belief in something uncertain. It requires a significant leap of faith to believe that we can succeed where so many others have failed.

Having had a variety of careers, there is not much in terms of kinds of work, that I have not done! As a result, I feel like there is not much I can’t do… or learn to do! That is one of the big lessons I’ve learned… we can do much – we have to believe, want it, be brave, and trust the process of growth and change! Ready to give it some thought? If so, here are a few tips to keep you focused:

  • Make you a priority, take care of you. You will need it as you breakthrough thinking and input of others who are not as brave as you to take a leap of faith. Again, your priority is YOU, and what you want and need… not what others may ‘chime in’ on!
  • Trust your self, your thoughts, your gut instinct. It is self discernment, listen!
  • Chose your tribe carefully, those who do not think as you do are less likely to support you. Those that do, will! Get connected!
  • Consider any fear you feel as excited anxiousness, growth is happening! Want it more than you fear it.
  • Avoid comparitis. “Comparison Robs Joy”. What you have to offer is unlike anything anyone else has to offer. Because you are you, unique, one of a kind!
  • Capture and regularly review your wins along the way! The opposite of that are just lessons, so capture learned wins too!
  • Remind you that you Love You! And you are unapologetically able, deserving, and worthy of going for your dream!

Listen to your heart, it is calling for you! What action will you apply today to go to your leap of faith journey?

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