Stop Struggling with Setting Goals

Do you struggle with not setting goals, or setting too many and not properly focusing?
I have a book about time management… specifically about owning your own time.

M.A.D. by: JD Clockadale & Josh Higginbotham

M. A. D. – Mindset. Action. Discipline.

On the cover it says: Own your time and put it to work on right activities for success. I’d say that this applies no matter what your goals are for. So all the things really stuck out in my mind… it’s a great book, I read it pretty quickly.

There’s a quote in the book by Peter Drucker:

“Why set goals? Goals bring life in to a time internship mindset or any positive mindset for that matter. Goals also keep the positive mindset from fading in to future comments like (and hopefully you haven’t said these but probably we all have): “I wish I had _____” or “I used to want to____”
Peter Drucker

“I wish I had _____” or “I used to want to____”

But there’s one secret to effectiveness, it is concentration. So, I think what they’re saying here in terms of goals, well the first thing is your focus, concentrating, specifically on your goals. If it so you don’t end up saying “I wish I had taken piano lessons”, “I wish I had gone to dancing school”, I wish I had read your book” I wish I had published poems or stories that I wrote”, “I wish I had learned how to ride a horse”, you know anything. “I wish I had thought to pursue one of my favorite hobbies, using all my skills and experiences as a side business. I mean there’s so many things that are goals that people let go, I mean I am 53 years old and I’m still working on my goals like big time now, because my focus is different now.

So we are ready to begin, why set goals? Goals bring life into the time ownership life set. So, you own your time or any positive mindset on that matter. Goals also keep the positive mindsets from fading in to future promise, like I wish I had, or I used to want to, there’s one secret to effectiveness, it is concentration. So, I’ve talked about focus before but not probably so much about concentration. But I think really it’s the same thing, it’s the same kind of mindset shift. If you are focusing on it, your concentration is on whatever that is. And then you are able to work through your goals break it down in to a task. With deadlines, with dates and milestones. You know what you need to accomplished when to get where you want to be.

So if you have goals, that you have not pursued, I will encourage you to dig them out and break them down and be ready about them. I mean, if there’s something that you’ve let sit for a long time, dig it out and journal about it. Consider…

  • why did you have this goal?
  • what did you want?
  • what did getting that do for you?
  • how would it make you feel?
  • and change your life?
  • or change your relationships?
  • how would it change other people’s lives?

It’s something that came from your heart at one point
either yesterday or 25 years ago.

So I have some goals inside my heart that I am digging out. I do it quite often. I think that is important for us to be who we are meant to be, and do what we are meat to do and impact the way we are designed and me, and how are defining so to do and be. So, there it is, think about your goals whether they’re new, old, they are on paper just love on your own goal. Get that journal, get your favorite color pen, make it your own… whatever is going to make you get that creativity going so you can dig out your goals that you love or your loved ones that you’ve forgotten about and hopefully that will help you!

I did a Facebook Live video on this topic; titled: Hmm So about goals? Have any? You can see the video HERE!

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