Productivity Planner aka DMO!

Do you have a DMO?   “Daily Method of Operation” 

In my Navy days we called it SOP – Standard Operating Procedure.

I am sharing my updated DMO with you… and I LOVE IT!  (tip: it’s important that you do!) Your DMO is a TOOL of your own, that you need to USE, everyday! So you need to want to use it, enjoy using it, be drawn to it.

left brain right brain

I was able to create my DMO as a Checklist – satisfying my Left Brain (analytical, logic, practical, strategic).

It is also Creatively Stimulating – appealing to my Right Brain (artsy, creative, passionate).

  • * I was able to make it the perfect tool, for me! It’s important to be sure that your DMO is tailored to YOU and to YOUR needs! *

my DMO image for emailsHere is an image so you can take a peek at my style. (It’s basically my daily playbook for producing results, so you’ll understand why I whited-out most of my content)! 🙂 

If you would like to have a template of a DMO comment on this post! I can also offer a consult to explore options for you to create your own DMO!

I do hope you find this to be valuable! If so, please share this with a friend, family, or colleague who may find it valuable too! 




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