How To Recognize and Fill Your Void

Do you feel like there is a void in your life? Like something is missing? Like there should be more to life?

In a now more than ever, fast-paced, high-volume world, it is easy to either get so caught up in it you end up in auto-pilot, or pull back from it and check out completely. Neither is as it should be. You need a happy medium, and to be well balanced.

5 Signs you are experiencing feelings of a void:

  1. Chronic boredom
  2. Feeling empty inside
  3. Lack of meaning and purpose
  4. No sense of fulfillment
  5. Fear of being stuck where you are


So now that you recognize there is a void, let’s look at it another way. This is a serious mindset practice that you should get good at. It will make all the difference in your day to day life, and in your life overall! So in naming what a void is, then expanding on it to consider and factor in, what the opposite actually is, equals the results of your transitioning. Freeing you from, delivery out of, arrival into:

  • Vacancy – that can be filled
  • Space – that can be full
  • Bareness – but can be covered
  • Gap – that can become a closure
  • Lacking – that can be sufficiency
That feeling you get, that tugs at your mind and at your heart, the gut instincts, that intuition… a discernment really – that keeps at you… always present in your mind, even when you intentionally or unintentionally supressed it.


Look in the mirror! Catch your self! See your potential! Squash your resistance, it is likely that this is the exact message inside of you that you need to hear, and give good intentional attention to that. Isn’t it time? of course it is, it is surely beyond time… however, never too late. And remember, all you can do is all you can do, and all you can do is enough!


What steps will you put into action to move yourself forward? Get your journal out!

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