How To Recognize and Fill Your Void

Do you feel like there is a void in your life? Like something is missing? Like there should be more to life? In a now more than ever, fast-paced, high-volume world, it is easy to either get so caught up in it you end up in auto-pilot, or pull back from it and check out completely. Neither is as it should be. You need a happy medium, and to be well [...]

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Steps To Help You Take A Leap Of Faith

Do you have plans, or even just a list of things, that you want to do and just haven’t? To take a leap of faith: A belief in something uncertain. It requires a significant leap of faith to believe that we can succeed where so many others have failed. Having had a variety of careers, there is not much in terms of kinds of [...]

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What a Salary is

Does your ‘work’ cause you to forget your ambitions? Is a Salary a Bribe? -some say it is!- Why? For that very reason… to forget your ambitions. Research shows the poorest group of people in the world is salary earners’ group, which is practically next to beggars’ group. They live in a vicious cycle of poverty, managed on a 30-day duration. They await their salary continuously month after month [...]

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Valerie Lynn the Organized Servant!

https://youtu.be/KMgL4dWEyaw Ready to create your Life of Balance and Remove the Chaos? Then let's do a Consult together! (my gift to you) Let's explore YOU! Please answer a few questions for me (and for you) - click HERE  You may schedule directly with me by clicking HERE to request a day/time   

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The World Breaks Everyone

Has the world broken you? The world breaks everyone. So what are you gonna do about it? I did a video on this. Click HERE to watch it. In the video, I talk about how when the world (a person, a situation, whatever...) breaks you, the broken pieces are YOURS, so that means that YOU have the power to do whatever YOU want, with YOUR pieces. This is something I feel very [...]

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Who Are You?

Do you WHO you are? Do you know WHAT you are?    - Who are you?  - What are you?  - What are you good at?  - Who can you help?  - How can you help them?     These are questions you should be able to answer. But, it can often take some time to realize the expanded answers. For some, it may take a very large portion of their lives [...]

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Are YOU Fighting For YOU?

Are you in need of some serious healing, of any kind? Sometimes you can't help what ails you, but... sometimes, you can! So again, the question: Are YOU fighting for YOU?!? I did a Facebook Live Video on this very topic! Click HERE to view it!   Warning, I drop some raw love-love in my video. It may tick you off! WHY? because the truth can be hard, but, I want YOU to fight [...]

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Your Calling = Cash! $ That's how it was intended for you!

Do you earn a living in what you are called to do? Using your gifts and talents means: Your Calling = Cash! $ That's how it was intended for you! DO YOU REALIZE WHAT THIS MEANS?? You were made with specific talents so you can prosper! That's why God gave you the spiritual gifts that He did! Seriously! Wait no longer! Start NOW and discover how to make a living fulfilling YOUR Divine Calling, using YOUR Spiritual Gifts [...]

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Addicted To Approval?

Are you addicted to approval? Is that holding you back?? Here's a list for you if you want to learn more about this topic: 10 Signs You May Be Addicted To Approval. It touches on some things I talk about often in coaching. Below are my thoughts on a few of these: Reading minds? Probably not; most people cannot read other people's thoughts. Consider that the next time you believe you know what [...]

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Are You Serving or Swerving?

Are you in a job that has you doing work that does not put your Spiritual Gifts and Talents to good use? If you are, then you are serving - and earning a living that way! Is that possible? Of course it is, indeed! It's how God intended it for you. If you are not.... well, here's what I saw recently - an interesting way to look at it:   There are different spiritual gifts, [...]

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