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I am Christian, Personal Development Coach & Trainer, US Navy Veteran, Network & Internet Marketer and a Change Productivity Authority. I Help People Create a Life of Balance by Removing the Chaos! Reaching People… for People – starting with YOU reaching YOU!

Productivity Planner aka DMO!

Do you have a DMO?   "Daily Method of Operation"  In my Navy days we called it SOP - Standard Operating Procedure. I am sharing my updated DMO with you... and I LOVE IT!  (tip: it's important that you do!) Your DMO is a TOOL of your own, that you need to USE, everyday! So you need to want to use it, enjoy using it, be drawn to it. I was able to create my DMO as a Checklist - satisfying my Left Brain (analytical, logic, practical, [...]

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Do You Love You?

Could You Use Some Superpowers? Don't believe the lies of the enemy! Here are a few truths to help you love you! You are not a slave! God is not mad at you! You are God's beloved!     I read a great online article about loving you! click for full article that says... some superpowers you get from loving YOU! Accept you, value your existence Being mindful in care for your needs: [...]

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Valerie Lynn the Organized Servant! Ready to create your Life of Balance and Remove the Chaos? Then let's do a Consult together! (my gift to you) Let's explore YOU! Please answer a few questions for me (and for you) - click HERE  You may schedule directly with me by clicking HERE to request a day/time   

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Do you struggle with following through on your Decisions, getting to the Action, and your Response to what you have available to make what you decided on, to actually happen? I did a Facebook Live video today on my profile page, you can view it here. I shared two parables: Question: There are 3 frogs on a log and one of them made a decision to jump off. How many are left? Answer: [...]



Do you know how you can work with Millennials? Or are you a Millennial? I read an article on LinkedIn with some great stats about Millennials and the workforce: A Recruiters Guide to Attract & Retain Millennials  Here are a few of their noted statistics: The Millennial cohort is significantly larger than previous generations, and has unique career preferences and ambitions. As the Millennial workforce grows, companies will need to change their [...]


7 Common Words Powerful People DON'T Use!

Do you mislead or misconstrue with less than fitting word choice? In a article by Avery Blank, it listed 7 common words powerful people DO NOT use - and says that we shouldn't either! It goes on to say that words hold power, I subscribe to that totally! Some of the words on the list are ones we use probably every day and it can easily and without realizing it, diminish your message and [...]

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Are You Wasting Your Adversity?

Is your adversity keeping you stuck? I did a video about not wasting your adversity, to see it click HERE.   "Hardship often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny." - C.S. Lewis   I consider it to be just more studies in our "life degree" curriculum! If you have learned from it, then your adversity was not for nothing. Adversity is meant to change you. There can be growth from it.       The discoveries [...]

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And Just Who Do You Think You Are?!?

Are YOU your REAL, TRUE you?!? I did a Facebook Live Video on this. I talk about two things I learned from two very magnificent and magnetic leaders! You can click HERE to watch it. We strive to learn, to grow, from all kinds of different sources. Many times, from a mentor -  someone we want to be like, in some way. It is important that you not lose YOU in the process. Seek out from that [...]

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The World Breaks Everyone

Has the world broken you? The world breaks everyone. So what are you gonna do about it? I did a video on this. Click HERE to watch it. In the video, I talk about how when the world (a person, a situation, whatever...) breaks you, the broken pieces are YOURS, so that means that YOU have the power to do whatever YOU want, with YOUR pieces. This is something I feel very [...]

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Who Are You?

Do you WHO you are? Do you know WHAT you are?    - Who are you?  - What are you?  - What are you good at?  - Who can you help?  - How can you help them?     These are questions you should be able to answer. But, it can often take some time to realize the expanded answers. For some, it may take a very large portion of their lives [...]

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