6 Ways to Reduce Household Toxins Today

I’ve been helping people Declutter for pretty much my whole adult life. Then in 2004 starting to do it with the actual title of Professional Organizer with my business Destination Organized. I truly love the work and feel it is my calling. It is why I still do it today, over 14 years later! In addition to the Organized Servant work I added in with my Personal Development Coaching in 2015… I have always done one other form of Decluttering – an important one, particularly for our health…

So… in 2007, I added in “Clearing Chemical Clutter”. Yup. Just what it sounds like. Clearing your exposure to toxins, as much as possible! There are several areas in which too many of us do not realize how much we are subjected to and how bad for us it is. With my own female health challenges that I’ve had most of my life, and with my daughter having eczema almost immediately after she was born, and she also has had asthma and many allergies from a very young and still.

So keeping in mind that our skin is our largest organ, I really started to consider our everyday exposure to toxins. It was then I started to replace many of the conventional household and personal products used for my family. I decided to share with you this list I made for helping to reduce the exposure to toxins for you and your family.

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